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About Me

Let me tell you a little about myself. I live in Seattle, WA with my wonderful fiancée, Iryna. We own two dogs: Socrates, a spoiled, 10-year-old, 18 lb Bichon Frise; and Minkowski, a rambunctious Border Collie puppy who's growing faster than I'll be able to update this page. My pastimes are diverse (too much so, though I can't give any of them up), and include nature sports like rock climbing (mostly indoors), hiking, mountain biking, kiteboarding, and snowboarding; playing video games; watching TV; and cooking. My intellectual interests focus on Computer Science, though I'm also passionate about Physics, Math, and Philosophy, and make occasional forays into Economics and History.


I work as a software engineer for Google, on the Cloud Dataflow team. Before that, I was on the Observability team at Twitter. Before that, I was working on my Physics degree at Caltech.

In the current phase of my career, I'm focused on accumulating technical knowledge in the domain of large-scale computation. I enjoy solving problems to facilitate others' work.

The Career page discusses my work in further detail.


I believe that knowledge is the ultimate good in the universe, knowledge of how the world works, knowledge of how to acquire knowledge more quickly, knowledge of how to spread it more efficiently. My life goal is to make the most significant contributions to human knowledge that I can. Professionally, I want to create (or contribute to) tools that empower people to make their own contributions to human knowledge. Socially, I want to have loyal, smart friends who will challenge my preconceptions and make life fun. Personally, I want to be part of a family that shares my goals, with a wife who understands me and improves me and kids who will one day make their own contributions to human knowledge. My happiness is crucial to these goals, not as an end of its own, but because I'm most motivated when I am happy.

These beliefs are derived from my personal philosophy. I encourage you to read about it, and welcome feedback.